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aurielle laredo

for the unapologetic entrepreneurs, the visionaries, the sacred rebels, the conscious creators, the mystic mentors, those who are here to change the world

She’s not just a designer or photographer, she’s a game changer.

love from my latest client:

 Aurielle's support goes way beyond pixels and palettes; she serves as a mirror, revealing the potential I couldn't yet see in myself. If you are looking to take your business to the next level, she’s the one.

for the unapologetic entrepreneurs, the visionaries, the sacred rebels, the conscious creators, the mystic mentors, those who are here to change the world

meet your unapologetic soul sister

the creatrix behind the computer

Hi I'm Aurielle! You'll find me under the sun on a hidden beach, eating exotic fruit with brightly dyed hair. 

My first love is photography & videography with a splash of digital design. I come from a family of photographers and designers, it's always been a part of my path to capture and create.  I'm a bit of a hybrid: A lover of nature, the ancient, cosmic, and strange. But I also love tech, the online world, and exploring the digital dimension.

I capture the juicy moments of life, creating a dreamy, ethereal, nostalgic style of photography that captures the essence of who you are.

meet me deeper

Everything she created for me is nothing short of exceptional. As a business coach ,one of the key qualities I look for when working with someone is the capacity to lead and have a deep level of organization.

I've worked with many people in this space, but none have compared to working with someone like her. She just gets it and is amazing at it. Her understanding of the clients' vision and her dedication to bringing it to life in a way that surpasses your expectations is rare and truly remarkable. She possess a unique gift for recognizing her clients' needs and translating them into an exceptional design that captures the essence of your brand. The work she does is truly invaluable and it has been such an absolute pleasure going on this journey with you. Thank you again for making this entire process so effortless and for bringing my vision to life in a way that I could have only dreamed of. I’m already so excited for the next project we’ll be working on together!

- Marina A. - Business & Leadership Coach

"Aurielle is hands down one of the most talented creative directors I have ever met."

She brought my branding to life within the works of a website, photoshoots and branding. It ended up being so much more than just a branding package, it was a rebirth of what my mission and service means to the world, the deep journey we got to go on to really capture the core of what I wanted to bring to life and allowed me to feel so held in a journey that can feel overwhelming.

 Aurielle did such an amazing job at bringing it all to life. 

She helped me unleash the uniqueness of my brand and tell my story in an impactful way.

I highly recommend anyone who is desiring to express their essence, to share their story and to create a digital expression of their service to co-create with Aurielle. 

Thank you Aurielle my inner creative feels so liberated and so seen

"Beyond grateful for the creative genius Aurielle is."

Being captured by her in my fully raw, authentic, silly self felt incredibly safe & empowering. She has an energy & creative vision that made me feel so held. Even in some more edgy & vulnerable photos, her energy + container made me feel at ease & gave me permission to be grounded in my experience. Aurielle has a way to capture someone’s essence into the 3D world. It’s absolutely heart opening to have the opportunity of being photographed by her.

"Aurielle has a way to capture your essence in a way I would’ve never thought possible."

Aurielle has an incomparable ability to create an atmosphere of calm, comfort, and positivity.  Aurielle fostered an environment that allowed me to be me, while ensuring boundaries were not being crossed, her skills at imbuing confidence were unparalleled. 

The final results of Aurielle's work stopped me in my tracks. I’d never viewed myself the way her camera was able to capture an essence, vibe, and energy. I will cherish the ethereal experience and the final results for years to come.

"I’ve never felt such joy and liberty from being photographed."

Every interaction with her has been filled with nothing but love, connection, laughs, play, flow and she carry’s that into her work. Aurielle is pure fucking magic. Her energy is next level she is so effortlessly in her body and allows for a safe space to do the same. Aurielle finds your essence - she finds who you are inwards she pulls it to the surface and captures it on screen. She holds a space of creativity and a pure body high.

"Aurielle has helped me feel so much safer in my skin - and SO much more. "

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